Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Class

"Who can hold their nerve, with the whole world looking upon them."

Having a world class skill or a world class reputation, the whole world is actually looking or observing you. The quote above was taken from a commentary of the Japan VS Paraguay penalty shoot-out yesterday (I noticed that sport commentators are very creative in a way). But what does it take to be 'world class'? Does entering a worldwide competition makes you a world class competitor? Does scoring the appropriate points makes the things you do is on a world class level?

I believe that everyone has the possibility to become world class. Of course, they need to work hard, believe in their own selves and have the ability to uphold the pressure of the world. I'd like to stress on self-confidence here, as the world will believe in you when you are able to believe in yourself more. No matter what you do, be proud of the results and do better the next time you do it again. >.<

I have a target to become world class in my writing, so first I need to brush up my pace. What's your world class target? Tell me. Just remember here that I believe you can do it. ^^


Here I am finally with an update. I've decided to take my time here to get my rhythm back, so please bear with me! I made a change in my update section, this time you just have to click at the title. Simple right? I'll make this brief, so keep on moving forward guys. Let's go!

1. "Shot :: Pick Me Up"

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh Wow!

Wow, I can't believe that it's been more than 7 months since I last updated! And I can't imagine that here I am right now 4.30am in the morning, writing something. Guess I'm up and about now. Let's see if this keeps up for long enough. Onwards!

World Cup is finally here. I know that I was never a big fan of football or soccer, and has only just recently showed a bit of interest. But World Cup is quite a grand event, with a lot of positive intensity and excitement. I remembered when I was really young I used to try my best to stay up at night accompanying my dad to watch the games. As I went on with my teenage years, I never cared much about it and seemed to have left my dad to watch the game alone most of the time. So to dad, I'm excited about World Cup once again. Wait until I get back home for the holidays eh? ^^

There has been other major events going on, with the attack on Flotilla (which I pray that the vicious are damned) and the heart going further "tasteless" (which I hope gets better soon). But all in all, it's been an adventurous 7 months which I one day hope to get it on ink and papers.

As a final note on the start of my new blogging season, no updates this time. Haha, but it's on it's way. So do wait and until next time!


And it kicks off! Just so you know, I'm rooting for Netherlands a.k.a. Holland! The early days of World Cup has been entertaining so far, and I've only watched two matches: South Africa VS Mexico, England VS USA.

Being the advocate for this year game, South Africa showed spirit and tenacity. Even though it may not be the most favored team, they managed to concede a first goal against opponent Mexico with a nice counter-attack strategy. Mexico, being rather unlucky in the match in my opinion, did not stand still. They managed to score a goal with only 20 minutes left on the clock. It ended in a 1-1 draw.

A huge disappointment dropped on England's fan as the England VS USA match ended with a draw of 1-1. An early score (4 minutes) from England seemed to show that the team had the games in their hand. However USA showed that they too had power of their own, when a shot from them made England's keeper fumbled and scored a goal. It was indeed a very intense fight when second-half began, yet it ended in a stalemate.

What about your World Cup experiences so far? Catch up later folks! ^^