Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finding 'D'

If I was given a choice to choose a letter that would determine my future, I would choose the letter D. Partly because my name starts with it, and partly because I feel a certain 'connection' with the letter. But I know that such 'connection' does not exist. What I know is that I have a strong feeling with letter D.

Recently on an outing to a shopping mall, an idea crossed my mind as I walked along the many rows of shops. Why don't I try and find a store name that starts with 'D'? I looked at my left, I looked at my right. Huh? There were no stores whose name begins with 'D'. Maybe not on this floor, I suggested to myself. So up the escalator I went. Left, right, left, right. Still, no sign of any 'D's. It can't be, right?

At the end of the excursion, I only managed to find only one store name beginning with 'D'. I was sad and excited at the same time since 'D' was so rare. I guess the letter 'D' was much associated with negativity. Remembering what adjectives to fit my name during an English class in Form One, here were the only positive choices I had:

determined, dynamic, diligent, dainty, daring, ???

Haha, I really am just thinking to much. 'D' is just a letter, and letters exist to form words, and words are produced to express ourselves as a human. As a side note; I hope those creating war and disrupting peace find their own 'D', their own destruction, damnation, disgrace, demolishment, disease, death, desperation, defeat, and so on....

Haha, just forget any nonsense I put up there just now. If you get what I mean, then that's good. Well, here's an update for this time. Man I really need to avoid distractions on the net. My pace of writing has become entirely slow. Take care and enjoy..!!!

1. "Zero Degrees: Eleven" -

Regarding the issue of Islam being terrorized yet once again (this time in Gaza), I'd like to invite all Muslims in the world to pray for God's help in getting things right. It's all up to The Almighty in the end.

"Thou blades are thou prayers; sheath it and use it, or let it rust. Then what does thou still have?"

Lets strive for peace, please? Take care readers...