Friday, June 22, 2012

People Grow Apart

It's been a while here folks. A lot of things has happened in the span of 6 months I have left this blog, Arlene, untouched. Now I'm finally making an effort to clear the cobwebs and sharpen back the passion that I once held tight. So let's do some catching up shall we? Hello Arlene and my fellow readers!

To start it off, I would like to gladly state that I will be finishing my 4 years of study at my university in due time. By October, I hope to get a lot of free time for myself to rapidly hone my skill back as a writer. It has been fun studying and working hard to achieve the title of a university graduate. I've met a lot of people, shared a lot of bonds, created various precious memories; and not forgetting to have learned valuable, irreplaceable lessons that you won't get just anywhere. Thank you for all that has been a part of all that with me.

"People will meet and will eventually have to say goodbye."

And yes, all of us will eventually grow apart from people around us at one point. Physically apart is what I mean. Children will grow up to become adults away from their parents to start off their own family. Schoolmates will part ways once the school session is over for good. Plus there's also the inevitable death that waits for no man when the time comes.

I realized that I take goodbyes too hard, with the thought that perhaps one day we won't be as close as we were before. It is sad that just because we're not there physically, we feel left out. We feel like everyone's having a different experience without us in it. And damn it I'm starting to ramble again. Today I got an invitation for my best friend's (I think I've mentioned him in this blog somewhere, not sure) wedding. Last few weeks, I got news that 2 of my closest friends from college are moving overseas this year. Even now it's already hard for us to get together, it'll be even harder to bear the thought of being out of reach (by sea).

The truth is life has everything planned out for us, and we got to be patient. Of course I feel sad; yet I'm just as happy that life is turning out great for the important people in my life. I'll pray for the best for all of you. Being far apart just means that we'll have to gather the new experiences, record them in our mind, and when we do get to gather we can share them as something to laugh and cheer about. Heck even I'm in a long distance relationship myself, and I know that being apart physically is essential for people to stay close at heart. That is what's important.

Congratulations to all my married or bound-to-get-married friends! Good luck to all my companions chasing towards their dreams! And thank you for making the rain in my heart go away. We'll do great! Good bye for now... :)