Friday, March 13, 2009

My Choice (Category: Women)

Ah, I forgot to tell you readers in the previous entry that this month is the season of women! The reason behind it was that it was the International Women's Day on the 8th of March. So to those that I haven't sent my regards to; happy belated women's day everyone! Then the next day our university had 'Maulud Nabi', which also focused on the lives of the prophet with his wives (in the articles that were handed out that day). I learned a bit more on being a good husband. Hehe...

Well, talking about women and being a good husband...I started to think. What are the real characteristics I seek in women if I were looking for a wife? When I was still a kid; I always thought that I'd be with someone popular and beautiful. Then I realised during my teens, that really won't make me entirey happy. When I was stiil a teenager; I always thought that the right one had to be the one creating positive feelings within me. Then I realised at this point of reaching adulthood, it's not always sugar in a family.

Haha...I don't know if any of the above makes sense, so lets just cut to the chase and see what I seek inside my dream lady thus far. Lets go!

1. A woman who has a strong basis of Islam.
2. A woman that can make me 'feel' every emotions a human can have. I don't want to just 'laugh'; make me 'cry' or become 'serious' once in a while.
3. A woman that can cook, a good cook.
4. Well, I've always thought I'd prefer the women that can make strong decisions or a stand of their own. It's just that I'd like to 'argue' once in a while.
5. A woman that can make me say, "Wow!" at times.


I guess that's the list for now. Pretty short huh? Well, that's just the main criteria I'm looking for. There are other small stuffs, but listing them would take time. Here's an update for this time. I've already began a side-project with dzafarin entitled 'MiST', so be sure to check it out through the link below! ^^

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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Lost February!

Where have I been last month? I can't believe there were no posts in this blog the whole February. I'm a bit disappointed, but then again I've been rarely online. *Sigh* Lately, the rain has been falling continuously; as if the sky is weeping at my slow pace. Haha, guess I need to be more proactive (wait, haven't I been saying the same thing all this time?).

Perhaps February was a 'lost' since many of my fellow ex-collegemate had gone away to another land to take another step into their career. I was sad, mixed with a bit of unwillingness; but I was glad that everything went along smoothly. I shall always pray for them and hope that they will come back to Malaysia with style.

February was not everything a 'lost'. Various kinds of outer inspiration had came last month, be it in class or from my fellow friends. My latest 'mind project' (to be materialised this month) is my second joint-venture with Dzaf. I hope I can finish the planning quickly so that Dzaf and I can start writing straight away. Do wait for it to be released! ^^

Well, I have nothing more to say. I did write a lot in my other blogs, so check it out through the links below okay? Take care readers! ^^

Ah, it feels good to write this much last month. My mind was calm, and my words were flowing with much freedom. Pray that I can continue being like this, especially with another latest project. Here are some links. Enjoy! ^^

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It was quite rare for me to actually see a play being staged out live right in front of me. I remembered my first play being “Beauty and The Beast” which was performed on ice in Sydney, during my stay there in 1997. Then there was “Aladdin”, and then it was “The Enemy of The People” which was performed at KL Pac during my study at KMS. My juniors before this have also acted out plays during an activity in KMS, and all of them are pretty interesting to watch. Recently, I’ve watched “It Takes Two to Tango” and “Alahai...Soto!” being performed here inside my very university.

First, let me say that both of those plays were very well presented and piqued a deep curiosity within myself. The actors and actresses had strong voices, and the stage was managed in a very balanced manner. Even though the plays were conducted by the students themselves, it gave a sense that they were almost professional.

That night, the play “It Takes Two to Tango” began their performance first. It was an English play, and I admit that the performers had impressive pronunciation in their dialogues. The story revolves around two married couples, who each had their own problems in their marriage. It was interesting to see how one spouse can be so patient towards the other, that it develops a certain tension in the air. The ending was a bit weird for me, but I got the message of the play clearly: a marriage can’t work with only one person, it takes two. Thus, the title becomes clear. It had nothing to do with doing tango (which I had wished to see). ^^

After the play had finished, the audience were then presented with another play entitled “Alahai...Soto!” This time, it was a Malay play. This story was quite long compared to “It Takes Two to Tango”, and it had a lot of funny scenes in it. The play tells the audience a story about a village, where the villagers had to overcome certain problems involving mainly the town’s head gangster. The main character Mak Jah, also had an issue with her son who just got back from London. It was a very heart-warming tale despite the many jokes that were made, and it manipulates the theme of family quite deeply. If it weren’t for the much laughter the audience had, the play might have managed to bring tears in some of their eyes.

Good job to the Nusantara group for performing such wonderful dramas! Hope to see you guys in another story, another time.