Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Resting! (as a University Student)

The gap between this post and the previous entry is, in a way, utterly ridiculous. I've always avoided the 'diary-like' kind of post, so that's why there aren't a lot of things to say here (or am I making excuses now?). All in all, welcome back Daniel Azere!

This month of July marks the season of holiday. Where students (especially those on the tertiary levels) go out and about, enjoying the summer sun or winter snow, traveling across borders with families and friends. Some also might prefer the comfort of their home, munching cookies along the way, doing stuff that could never be exactly fitted properly in their busy student's life. Some might even opt the challenge to take on a job, getting a few extra cash to be kept or spent during the relaxing holiday period. The resting time for students is here, almost for each and every one of them.

Taking a rest from the university for isn't about getting the mind off of studying. Personally, I adore learning. Plus being at the university allows me to meet people a lot. What I truly want to take a rest on is basically from the non-academic activities. Don't get me wrong, getting involved in programs make me feel alive. But at times when there's a direct wave of things to do and programs to settle, the energy from the body and mind just seeps away quickly without time to recharge properly. I know that this may be the result of me not having proper time management (working hard on this, don't worry!), I'm just glad that now I get some 'me' time and finally put my thoughts in writing.

So how's your holiday going on for you? Come share with me if you feel like it. As a final word, get the time to recharge and let me see all of you with a renewed spirit for the new semester. Until next time, take care!


Actually, I didn't go through (almost) one year of gap without any creative input. But lately I've been involved in poetry, so if any of you haven't checked it out be sure to go through the link at bottom. On a side note, my friend (Luq) and I have finally self published our very own poetry book last year! It was an exciting experience, and our second book is on the way. So do anticipate for it~ :D