Friday, March 13, 2009

My Choice (Category: Women)

Ah, I forgot to tell you readers in the previous entry that this month is the season of women! The reason behind it was that it was the International Women's Day on the 8th of March. So to those that I haven't sent my regards to; happy belated women's day everyone! Then the next day our university had 'Maulud Nabi', which also focused on the lives of the prophet with his wives (in the articles that were handed out that day). I learned a bit more on being a good husband. Hehe...

Well, talking about women and being a good husband...I started to think. What are the real characteristics I seek in women if I were looking for a wife? When I was still a kid; I always thought that I'd be with someone popular and beautiful. Then I realised during my teens, that really won't make me entirey happy. When I was stiil a teenager; I always thought that the right one had to be the one creating positive feelings within me. Then I realised at this point of reaching adulthood, it's not always sugar in a family.

Haha...I don't know if any of the above makes sense, so lets just cut to the chase and see what I seek inside my dream lady thus far. Lets go!

1. A woman who has a strong basis of Islam.
2. A woman that can make me 'feel' every emotions a human can have. I don't want to just 'laugh'; make me 'cry' or become 'serious' once in a while.
3. A woman that can cook, a good cook.
4. Well, I've always thought I'd prefer the women that can make strong decisions or a stand of their own. It's just that I'd like to 'argue' once in a while.
5. A woman that can make me say, "Wow!" at times.


I guess that's the list for now. Pretty short huh? Well, that's just the main criteria I'm looking for. There are other small stuffs, but listing them would take time. Here's an update for this time. I've already began a side-project with dzafarin entitled 'MiST', so be sure to check it out through the link below! ^^

1. "Dwane VS The Enigma: #9" -
2. "Prologue of a Man" -


Kikuri said...

Such an insightful entry. I hope u find wut u r lookg for, whoever she might be. Tho many ppl said that u will not find the one that fits the bill.

But, then again wut do they know, right? So, ganbatte ne!

DANS said...

haha..yeah, sumtimes we don't get everything we want..but it's gud to keep on wishing! ^^

myzatul~ said...

haha~ byknye criteria yg diletakkan... hopefully u ll find one bro!.. ngee :D

Eya said...

I saw ur blogspot website from ur facebook. I love the words you put in..