Friday, October 16, 2009

The Sweetness of Teamwork!

"What's gonna work? -- Teamwork!"

Of course, most of the young children know where this tag line comes from. That's right, this month is the season of teamwork -- where trusts are given, and success achieved. It's true that at times working alone is the best way, but no one can make it 100% on their own throughout their life. They would go crazy!

How can we strive for the sweetest effect of doing teamwork? For starters, be friendly and converse. It's hard to understand someone if there's no communication. I know I'm really bad at talking, but I try my best to take action through (perhaps) other means of communication. When there's a connection, then it would be a breeze to head towards the same goal.

Uwa, I'm beginning to ramble yet again. Anyways, in conclusion teamwork is quite delicate yet it's really fun. I'll do my best so that among my friends, the bond of teamwork will always stay strong no matter where we are. Take care now readers! ^^

p/s: I've been away for so long, where's the writer's path I'm supposed to follow? Hehe, please scold me...


An update? Wow, I'm surprised myself. Although inspirations have been coming non-stop, I lack the time to actually materialize them. I guess that's university life. Well, let us just enjoy whatever we have okay? Roll the updates for this time then!

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