Monday, November 3, 2008

Being Busy Is Not Always Bad

My simple ways of getting busy is either I play a game for 2 hours straight, read at least 4 volumes of comic or write anything that piques my interest. I guess these activities are not as 'healthy' as it sounds, but it's not entirely bad as well. Sometimes, being busy with the things you like most can take your mind off the things that are troubling you; such as problems at work, at school or at home. Ease up the pressure inside for a while, and get back to solve you problems calmly and efficiently (leaving them unintended is a pretty bad situation).

Getting busy is negative when you neglect others around you. "I'm busy working, so I don't have any time for my kids." or "I'm busy playing games, so I can't do my chores." are just a few of the sentences that could make a relationship go haywire. Unable to 'get busy' with others may lead to further problems you are running away from, thus making you even more pressured than before.

So readers, don't just get busy doing your own things; but get busy mingling and caring for those who are important as well. Think positive, and there should be a way to settle the scores fairly.

I'm starting to sound like some kind of motivator or something. Haha, here are the updates for this time. A few things are bothering my mind, so I guess I'm going to get busy updating more often (hopefully...). ^^

1. "#06: In Search For Nana" -
2. "Shot! :: It Could Be..." -

Anyone who are fans of J-drama should definitely have heard of a drama entitled 'Hana Yori Dango' which was released with 2 seasons. And now, the story's own movie is finally up and running on movie screens nationwide! The story basically revolves around Makino Tsukushi, who is closely involved with a group of outrageously rich guys who calls themselves F4; Tsukasa Domyouji, Hanazawa Rui, Nishikado Soujiroh, and Mimasaka Akira (check wikipedia for more info).

In the movie, Domyouji is now Makino's boyfriend, and announces to the world that he will marry her soon (reminder: he is the head of a mega corporate group!). Domyouji's mother then gave Makino a tiara, The Smiling Venus, as a symbol for her to enter the family. This tiara is said to be worth at least 30 million dollars! Things began to get disastrous when suddenly, the tiara gets stolen and only the couple knows who took it. In order to save the marriage, both Domyouji and Makino must find the tiara, leading them to a testing adventure of love and friendship. Will they ever get married?

The movie is as interesting as its drama; packed with action, suspense, romance and values to ponder. Whenever the couple's relationship seems to be in a pinch, it always give a certain 'vibe' in my soul (and a 'churn' in my stomach). The plot is interesting, the twist magnificently manuevered. It's sad to know that this is the last title that the story is going to show, but all that begins must come to an end. Then an end gives rise to another beginning. Check this movie out on TGVs near you! ( Rating: 4.0 out of 5)

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