Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye and Hello

After going through new year twice, I think it's time for us to say goodbye to a few things and hello to certain stuffs. On an important note, I've been thinking on 'the self' these past few days. Who am I really? What character do I actually conceive within me? I know finding the answer won't be easy, but I'm not that hopeful at finding any answer at all.

Haha, putting that thoughts aside...lets re-cap 2008 in one breath!

1. The year where A-level ends, with high hopes that the bond created lasts...
2. The year where love seems delusional, and noticed that I'm really just not that type anymore...
3. The year where this blog began, taking another step towards achieving the dream...
4. The year where I realised what 'artificial connection' was, my trust begins to disappear...
5. The year where I created 'Sweetness Day' (13th April) and 'Kite Day' (27th December)...

Well, a lot of things happened. It'll never be enough to tell all the joy and tears we all had together. We'll talk about self resolution another time. Learn the past, experience the present, paint the future. Enjoy readers...!!!

"People always say make a better for the New Year...does it matter when nobody cares? [And Happy New Year everyone. Still loving you guys!]"

A brand new year, a brand new spirit. I wanted to make the best of it this year, and I'm always praying that I could espeacially manage myself well. Here's one update for the new year! I'll add something new next time, and I'm hoping that all who enjoys Malay writings would wait with expectations; espeacially Dwane, Tasha, Nazir and Wan Khai. Today's motto is: "Believe in yourself!"...take care and enjoy readers!

1. "Shot! :: She Asked "Why?"" -

"You and I are both the sides of the same coin."

On today's review, I'm going write on an interesting Role Playing Game (RPG) of 2008 called 'Persona 3: FES'. Surely most avid gamers would know of the game; espeacially for it's uniquely designed storyline. The game revolves around a main character, who is expected to join an investigation team regarding the Dark Hour and Tartarus. What is a Dark Hour anyway? Well, lets just say it's an extra hour that exists in the main character's world; making the day actually having 25-hours instead of 24. Tartarus is the mysterious tower which only appears during the Dark Hour. The investigation team must go inside Tartarus, battle monsters called Shadows using Personas (a monster residing inside a character's soul) and try to erase the Dark Hour.

Enough said on the storyline, what attracts me to the game is actually how we must make bonds (called Social Links) with people in the game to make our character much stronger. It's like making friends and then understanding what different adversities the human face in an ordinary life. The Social Link system really helped me a lot in understanding our real life better; how to cope with displacement and betrayal, what it's like loving someone older, internet socialisation and many other problems.

I always believe that games could become educational at times, espeacially on the language and soft skills. Though this game uses quite a language (with "sh*t" and "f*ck" inserted), other than that the game's quite okay. Gamers might even learn some interesting facts in 'Persona 3'. I need to say that this is a 'Matured' rated game, so parental discretion is advised for youngsters under 16. 'Persona 4' came out on English version on December, can't wait to finish this one!(Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0)

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