Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It Has Begun: New Season in Learning!

First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest apologies to all readers (if there's still any) out there for not being able to update for a VERY long time. My new homw has no internet connection at the moment, and it's quite hard for me to access the internet here in my university. Another deep apologise to all bloggers (espeacially those whom I follow their work on) for not being able to enjoy all of your writing pieces. Please bear with me.

Since it's quite rare for me to be here in cyberspace, I might as well make this entry worthwhile. On the 10th of December, I finally made my first step towards the next level of education...the university! Hehe, I was quite excited with this since the long holidays almost turned me into a zombie. My university (I'm going to make the name a secret~) is extremely large compared to KMS, the food's excellent, and the people (so far) are enjoyable.

What I look forward most in a new environment is the people. Since I aim to be a passionate writer, meeting new people generates new ideas within myself. I told you guys in my previous posts that I've been lacking the ideas, but ever since I entered university I already managed to get a new idea! ^^

On a side, I guess the most important thing right now is the will to study (the subjects I'm taking this semester sounds weird). My passion to write will continue to burn, and my passion for study will burn even more! Pray for me so that I'll not commit to the same mistake of the past, and strive for the dream that shall last. Uh-oh, my time's almost up. Until further meetings my dear readers. Bubbye!!

I wow myself for managing the time for an update. Haha, though it's just one entry (the #07 I did it last month)...I hope you guys enjoy it! Take care... ^^

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hani said...

best of luck ben! :)