Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Youngest: Caution! Hafiy Warns Us...

Hafiy is cheeky, active and a pampered child. There are times when he frustrates me with his laziness to learn or having a tantrum with his childish wants, but there is not a moment where my heart turns to hate him. Haha, meet my youngest brother Hafiy. As you may see from the pictures below, he is really a heartwarming fellow (though I think he is a very rough guy in school).

This little guy is someone that may have a future in sports. Very active in taekwando, very active in running around and very active in wanting sport equipments (these traits are very unlikely of his other siblings). Being 10 years younger than me and the youngest, it's not a wander that he's very lovey-dovey with the rest of the family. ^^

Well, that's it I guess. A bit short, but I can't really give in all the details right? Haha, my spirit is going downhill upon reaching adulthood. I'm having a funny feeling inside me that I can't quite describe what. A diagnosis, anyone? Aha, that are some pictures of Hafiy. Enjoy! No updates this time...sigh. But hopefully there will be next week! Go Dzafff!!!! ^^

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dzafarin said...

abang,bangun~~pg sembahyang subuh cepat,pastu lawan game~~~

quoted from hafiy