Monday, May 11, 2009

Dissecting 'Respect'

"We muslims love our brothers very much, but we don't have respect for them..."

I think that's how it went on one of the Friday sermons I had in the university. It's very uncommon for us to hear sermons in English (usually it's in Arabic, where I usually fall asleep) so I took the chance to really listen. The issue was on unity, and that bit of quote cropped up in between. What was troubling me though was that I didn't really get what the imam was trying to say.

What does 'respecting others' really mean? Does it happen when we talk politely to someone else? Or is it trying our best not to annoy someone? I always thought that respect would always come when a person loves or likes another person, but when the imam said that it really got my head thinking.

Well, I guess there are many levels of respect to ponder on. I'm still currently dissecting the word 'respect' in order to grasp a better understanding, so anyone that can help me are gladly welcome. On a different matter, I decided to continue the season of siblings for another month (Farris never got a chance to make an appearance). Haha, until next time folks! Enjoyyy... ^^

The other day, Kikuri gave me a task to do on writing and I'm pretty excited about it! (to Kikuri, I'm sorry that it's not done yet since I have a few university work to finish off first...but I've started to write it and hopefully it will be done by the 23rd or 24th). Well, got to get my spirits up. Here are some updates from a few days back. Take care readers!

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