Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy BELATED Birthday Dear Bloggy (Arlene)

Life is not without any heartbreaks. No matter how you try to turn things around, the heart is still a super sensitive organ (perhaps like glass). Time after time we mend this glassy heart; how many times has it been broken?

The month of August so far was a season for countable heartbreaks, with September creeping in tomorrow perhaps bringing along some light of hope. But one of the greatest lessons I've learned in life is that in times when you have heartbreaks or get depressed or become extremely sad, always remember to look for that 'box of delight' to cheer you up. Every single human have their own personal customized 'box of delight', that some don't even know it existed. It can consist of a talk with the family, a walk in the park with some friends, playing games and also reading a book. It is always filled with the things that you enjoy and have fun with. People tend to dwell too much on their troubles that they are pulled even deeper into complicated emotions. So if you are having a heartbreak now, go find that box now!

Want to know one of the things inside my box? My dear bloggy! Whenever I feel the need to express and get creative and have fun with words, she's always here for me to do so. And guess what? 14 August was her 2nd birthday. Happy belated birthday bloggy! It took me a while to figure out a gift, but I've decided that as a present to this blog I'm going to give it a name. So from this moment on this blog is going to be named: Arlene!

That's it for this time then. As a final note, remember that hardships are there for testing us in life and that God has already gave a pass for everyone as long as we follow his guidelines. All of you should know how to have fun sometimes, because all of you deserve it. Take care now! =)


I thought of having many updates this month, but it seems that I'm still slacking in time. No matter, let us pray for a less heartbreak time in the future. Onwards!

1. "Shot! (special):: Kay Kay Bee"


clumsy said...

happy belated birthday t0 u~
belated birthday t0...A R L E N E!!
epy belated bufday t0 u~~~~~~~~~~

DANS said...

haha she said thanksss~ XD

uhm may I know who are u? ^^

clumsy said...


it will be something for me to noe..

and for find out! heheee


DANS said...

noooooo, I'm bad at guessing games...

haha oh well, though I update my blog irregularly, I'm inviting u to check it out from time to time~ >.<

clumsy said...

insyALLAH, i will.. ^^

to DANS,

keep 0n writing!!!

more..n more..n moree!!!


Anonymous said...

Suprise!!! nyiahaaha