Saturday, October 1, 2011


My mind seemed to have wondered quite far these past few weeks. So far, that I'm not sure if I can find back the original road that I was on before. When I try to go back, there's doubt. When I want to move forward, there's a heavy rain. Yes, the rain ain't stopping yet.

Hello readers! Sorry for the confusing introduction, but it puts my mind at ease when I make some of my thoughts clear through writing. Even though the gap between this post and the previous one isn't that ridiculous as before, but it's still wide. I need my writing spirit back! Help me! But hey, I did look for ways to get help and I found one. I'm going to go to some sort of writing seminar next week organized by SERUMPUN, and the theme "Melangitkan Karya, Membumikan Cinta" just swept me off my feet. Hope I get the the chance to enhance my writer's enthusiasm and acts.

The reason why I want to be back on track is because I have this dream. The dream to do something big, something phenomenal. I want to move people with what I do, and I want the world to be shaken (in a good manner of course) by my name. When we were still young, my brother Farris and I had the idea to spread the Azere (our second name) name and build the Azere empire. I still want that, and I know my brother is doing it in his own way for now.

This October is the month of smiles! And in line with my dreams especially in achieving a phenomenal grade, I've also launched my first ever campaign related to this month's theme. Welcome to DANS October Smile Campaign! The details can be read in the 'Campaign' section below, so I hope that it'll get a good response from the public. For now I'll pray hard for things that I really want, strive to work intensely and let fate decide the rest. Take care readers! :)


Hello! Welcome to DANS October Smile Campaign! In conjunction with my university's upcoming convocation, I've decided to hold a Smiling Campaign this hold month.

Smiling is, in fact, something easy to do. It's a symbol of happiness, it's fun, it's sweet and it's a simple gift that any human can ever give to someone. I like smiles a lot, since it reminds me that there are still some things in this world that can make the heart flutter. My specialty is suddenly smiling when reading something sweet and romantic anyway. :P

So how does the campaign work out? It's simple. Just send me a picture of you or your group through e-mail, showing smiles that you think are the best. Also tell me what makes you smile. I'll gather up all of the pictures by the end of every week and post it up for people to see (here at my blog, Arlene), so that they too can be inspired to smile more and participate in the campaign. Sharing is caring right? I hope that by doing this we can spread the smiles through even the darkest hours.

Below I've inserted a step by step method as to how to make this campaign active. You can promote this campaign with your friends, through your blog or even forward it to your institutions. I hope that everyone will have a great day, and a smile that promises to stay strong always. Thanks a billion.

1. Get your best picture (solo or group, old or new, drawn art is also acceptable) showing the best smiling pose.

2. E-mail your picture to along with details below:

* Name
* Current school/university/workplace/location
* Reasons that make you smile
* E-mail (optional)

3. Check out your picture at the end of every week at this blog and spread the smiles!


I've never really been a big fan of newspapers. So on the date that IIUM's (International Islamic University Malaysia) first ever newspaper 'The Torch' was supposed to come up, I totally forgot about it (even though I was kinda anticipating it the day before). When a friend of my came to me holding it, I slapped my head.

Anyways, 'The Torch' issue number one is out! With a collaboration with the New Strait Time (NST), IIUM finally published it's very own student's newspaper. It's not as thick as a regular paper, but the news inside was definitely concise and well written. The paper focuses greatly on news related to IIUM and it's people; which makes it easier for the IIUM community to relate with the stories published. Oh and the paper was free for all.

What makes me kinda proud about the paper is the fact that it's a project that requires a lot to do to pull it off, and the paper's team (consisting of mostly the students themselves) managed to give a clean start to The Torch. When it came out almost everyone I met around the campus was holding one, and it indeed has garnered a phenomenal start. Though there were a few minor errors that I noticed, I'm really supporting the best for the newspaper's prospects in the future. If there's some extra money, I hope that The Torch can improve in the quantity of it's content and sections. Good job! (Rating: 4.3 out of 5)


anisah shurfa said...
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anisah shurfa said...

Thanks for reviewing the paper, and giving such a generous rating! :-D Glad that you like it. Hopefully you'll find the second issue just as good, or even better!

Oh, and while you're at it, why not send a letter to the editor at If you send it by this Monday, it will definitely get published! We need more voices from other IIUM students :-)