Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking Back (2011) - The People

It will be around 12 hours before a new year dawns over us. So, is your heart filled with anticipation? Is there excitement? Is there fear?

Hello everyone. Welcome again to another entry by me, after two whole months of absolute silence. I have only myself to blame anyway, and I'd like to apologize to Arlene for being away for so long. I missed you a lot, that's why I'm back. Back with a new spirit, so that you won't be filled with dust anymore.

Ha, look at me talking. All right since it's almost the new year, I thought I'd do something different this time around. There will be multiple posts between today until tomorrow, depicting the three major timelines - the past, the present and the future - about the things I wish to keep in the form of writing.

And starting off with the first post are about people! That's right, the people that were such important individuals to me throughout 2011. The people that I would always remember and keep close to my heart, no matter what. I hope they read this.. >.<


I know I'm not usually the outspoken type, but my love for you guys never waver. Thank you for being the place where I can call home. There's warmth, and there's always good food. It calms my mind just being around you guys.

* To dad, thank you for all the support you ever gave. I'll do my best!
* To mommy, thank you for your motherly magic. And food!
* To Farris and Hafiy, thank you for being funny and loving brothers. I'll worry about you guys forever!


Again, I'm not the one that talks a lot. But you guys deserve the best. Thank you for being there for each other, it's been 3 years since we battled our way through. Now we're entering our 4th year, and carving our own roads ahead. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for all the things that I did wrong to you guys. My love and care will always be there.

* To Dwane, thank you for being a great dude throughout the year. A great guy with deep thoughts and technological awareness. I'll update my iPad later.. :P
* To Nana, thank you for being excited almost all the time. A cheerful person, who tends to worry a lot. A hardworking genius!
* To Fatin, thank you for being the concerned one. No secrets between siblings right? Your words, I'll always remember it.


This dedication is for the people whom I consider as best friends (even if they don't). I don't really know what counts as being a best friend, but I think what's important is that they are people that I can talk to about something and get comfortable. You know who you are, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. And sorry for all the mistakes that has ever happened between us. Once a best friend, always a best friend.


Right, the guys are the people that has been there as buddies who sit down together and have fun. Be it a barbecue, a long session of PES/DoTA or maybe an outing; you guys rock!

*To Afiq, Luqman, Salleh, Ade, Akhmal, Azfar, Zul...good luck in your exams. And take care always!
*To Aizat, Ammar and Ikram...let's hangout some more soon!


This dedication is for all of BEDSA members! Ever since I got to know BEDSA in 2009, I know that this is the place where I belong. Let us do our best as future teachers, and gain valuable experiences together. Love all of you very much!


And finally, another extended family of mine. To DoTA and HoN family members and also those from Cybergamerz, though we rarely meet in person; I always love to have our virtual sessions together. Together we rampage right? Thank you for a wonderful year; lets do more in the next!

* My love especially extends for these guys: Dex, Muaz, Arip, Cold, Jing, Pop, Peter, Gee, Eppy, Sam, Mirul, Paen, Aiman, Raja, Sauk, Paan, Nami, Feroth, Muzamir, Acap, Ajim, Amin, Aie, Selei, Zakir, Ecah, Dee, Dida, Broz, Syakir, Mat Nuox, Zaid, Regos, Salleh, Salam.

p/s: Congratulations to Dex for getting a daughter! :D

* And not forgetting from overseas: Nik, Faaris, Cot,Zharul, Zwan, Aloy, Nas, Zaki, Ulam, Musubi (Ubi), Cipan, Issact, R, Robin, GQ, Kaizho, Shamir, Hadi, Niq, Natasha, Pump, Siden, Syafiq.

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