Friday, October 31, 2008

This Month Didn't Really Work Out...

I guess being coped up with busy activities can really take your mind off the track. I've been helping my parents a lot (since we are going to move to a new house soon) and my mood to write have been 'sliced up' into pieces (my manuscript for 'Once Upon a Cherry Tree' is lost, I feel like crying). It's been a whole month since I wrote something on 'DANS Original', and I only managed to get three titles in the 'TESL Series'. Sigh...I feel bad. I feel sick.

Well, what's done is done. Starting next month, I'll be back on track. Anyone still reading this, I sincerely say thank you.

These are the only updates I managed to do for this month.

1. "#03: Where Was the Host?" -
2. "#04: The mystery and The Psychologist" -
3. "#05: Central Station, Lunchtime" -

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