Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Start of a Colourful Raya!

The title says it all. The month of Syawal came replacing Ramadhan, and all muslims in the world are excited for Raya! Before I go further into this entry, I would like to wish all muslims 'Selamat Hari Raya' and forgive me if there is any wrong doings that I had done in the past to you guys. A special wish to all my dear readers, I'm sorry for all the wrong words that have been put into this blog. Hehe, okay...let the Raya celebration begin!

Since it's a celebrating month and all, I decided that this month would be the season of colours! That's right. As I pass the many people today at the mosque, many interesting colours have caught my eyes. There was a very unique blue worn by a kid, and a woman was seen wearing a very beautiful red head scarf. Not to mention my mother, the creamy greenish dress really made her look extra pretty. (the rest of us guys in the family wore black, haha...)

Many different colours exist in this world, and they're all unique in their own sense. Seeing people wearing new dresses of every colour this Raya really made me think, that no matter how different you are we are still one as muslims. And lets hope we always stay as one throughout this lifetime! Have a nice colourful and blessed Raya all! I want to munch some cookies. =)

p/s: Waiting for 'the lady in turquoise'...hehe, I'm being very nakal here. Sorry ya! ;p

Well, I managed to get an update eventhough it had been quite an eventful sequence of days. I hope some would have the time to catch up with the new releases! Haha, take care and enjoyyy..!

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damha said...

slamat raya too!

Anonymous said...

Primary Colours, Secondary Colours and Tertiary Colours - combination of the first two.