Saturday, September 27, 2008

Being Normal Doesn't Mean You're Weak

Actually, I wanted to discuss this topic in the 'anime/manga' point of view but perhaps I'll get to the 'reality' part in the end. So...what do I mean when I say 'normal'? In the world of fantasy; you could say I was referring to those type of people who don't possess incredible abilities, powers or strengths. Take for example Ai Mori from The Law of Ueki (in the earlier series, since she would receive a power later). She's young, cute (at least I think so) and has absolutely no ability to defend her ownself around her power-users friends and enemies. But despite all that; Ai still managed to get through tough matters in the end, like how she ended a match with Kabara (a power-user) in a draw using only her tactical skills. No super powers involved!

It shows here that being normal is not synonymous with the adjective weak. Being normal might put you at a disadvantage, but that doesn't mean you can't get pass powerful opponents. With brains and a bit of luck, even the mightiest power would succumb to those who are called 'normal'. And in my own opinion, I think 'normal' characters in any series are far more interesting to observe. They create humour, and teaches us to be strong in the mind and the heart.

Reality-wise, it doesn't matter if you're not the most active sportsmen or the most talented individuals. Sometimes, getting on with life normally is already a heck of a thing to do. Realise that you're already great by just doing that. Congratulations! (no updates for today folks...)

Haha, I've always realised my weak spelling skills and also the low level of vocabulary in me. Thus, this new segment is to help me (and also maybe you readers) in improving this weakness. Today's word is:

cockle (n) - an edible shellfish

Yes people, not many know what those 'kerang' in Kuey Teow Kerang or Kerang Rebus are in English. And that's what it is. Thank you to Zatil for asking! Hehe, until the next informative session guys.

Ramadhan is coming to an end. People move around here and there; some were shopping and some were on their way back to their loved ones. It's nice to see the existence of a nice and warm flow among the society still. Recently, I've read an article regarding the types of 'moe' (a specific type that an otaku relly love) in a manga or anime. It turns out that I have a liking in those who fall under the megane and tsundere types. I really am a manganime freak 100%!

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DANS said...

Megane - those wearing glasses

Tsundere - those type who act 'garang' or uninterested on the outside, when actually they are loving and sweet

I guess that's why I sorta like strong, angry women..ahaha...