Monday, August 25, 2008

The Drive: There Was a Jam, There Was an Advice

It's the end of a holiday season and the rain keeps pouring down each day, as if it were tears of those who wished their holiday was a day longer. Hehe, well the rain is quite refreshing nowadays. It has been too hot in the past few weeks. Recently I had two seperate drives with my parents; one with my mom sending my brother back to his boarding school and one with my dad as we went to lunch after my official business. The drive with my mom was quite smooth at first (eventhough the rain seemed dangerous that day) but it got slower on the way back. There was a road block by the police officers (I think there was a murder!) and the traffic jam lasted for eternity. I remembered during Form 4, in an English oral exam, I was asked how do I see Malaysia in ten years time. One of my answers that I remembered was, "I see Malaysia having flying cars on their roads and many underground tunnels to solve the endless problems of traffic jams." Well, can that really happen? I guess I was too naive back then, but I did wish during the drive with my mom that Malaysia would hurry up with the flying cars and underground tunnels!
Haha...then the drive with my dad was filled with advices for me. I think I've changed a bit with more maturity, as I never really talked with dad about myself when I was younger (though I still am very quiet in the family). One thing that he said, was to learn from your past. And I will dad!

Readers, there is a new title this time! It's a part of my 'TESL Production' project, so do check it out okay? Dwane's the main cast this time. Hehe...enjoy and have a nice rainy season. Oh yeah, there's going to be a speacial release titled 'Your Say in Independence' here. So I want you guys to give me your speech later to show your love to our country, Malaysia!

Click the link next to the titles for the new releases:

1. "Zero Degrees: Two" -
2. "Shot! :: Teachings of a Homeless" -
3. "Dwane VS The Enigma: Prologue" -

In this post, I'd like to feature something speacial to me as writer personally. I present you: Pilot G-2 Pen! The only type of pen I put my trust in to. I began to use this type since form one, and I always make sure I have one in my pencil case up until today. The pen helps me in having a smooth and quick writing (I tend to write much slowly with other type of pens), and I think the design is fairly simple and attractive (a bit unnecessary here...hehe). However, the only fatal weakness is that the ink is VERY sensitive towards water, and is unsuitable for exams/forms purposes. Sigh, but I still love this pen! Try and win my heart, other pens! ;p

Again, the society strikes an otaku branch. This time it hits those figurines lovers. I'm not much of a figurine collector, but I understand their dissapointment when some people think that they collect models for dirty reasons (like accusing all manga fans as also readers of hentai). I have to say, that there are some obscene models but most (90%?) are decent items suitable for all ages. Maybe some had accidently put out a provocative figurine for display, but some hard warnings would have been enough and they would learn their lesson. No need to blame and 'hit it hard' on ALL fans right? To all figurine lovers, don't get down when they say you're weirdos. As a manga fan, I assure you it's fun being weird. No, not weird. We're eccentric! =)


DANS said...

Under figurines, I fall into the 'Gashapon' groups!! Hehe..capsuled models are cute.

Anonymous said...

but, but.. SMART tunnel itu sgt scaaaaaarrrrrrryyyyyyy..

ahmadridhwanazmi said...

SMART tunnel sgt hebat..haha..

DANS said...

Scary? Huhu...never went there in the night btol laa hebat!

Zaty said...

hahaha, when it comes to otaku, the weirder=the funner.