Friday, August 15, 2008

Worries of the eldest brother...

Mmmm...most of you might already know, but I'm a person that tends to worry about others too much. How they feel, how their actions may affect them, how my actions may effect them...these are the regular worries that comes to me when I interact with people. I become totally worried when it comes to my siblings. It's sometimes hard when you're the eldest. You try to be that caring and cool brother, but you don't realise that sometimes you're just being hard on them. Many of my friends have never seen me get really mad or upset, but my brothers have seen everything. Either when they went out of sight during dusk, or when they don't get what I was teaching them (the same thing over and over again); my emotions do run a bit out of control. Sometimes I think I'm much nicer to others than them. But I know that's not true. I always believed that sharing all of our emotions (happy, sad, angry, depressed) with someone, means that you want them to understand and care for you. Even though they rarely show it, I'm always touched by how they look up to me and love me. =)

[Thank you to Farris and Hafiy for being such great brothers. Farris is a brother that thinks his thoughts aloud and always share the same interest with me. Hafiy on the other hand is adorable when occasionally, he would ask me to hug him. you guys!!]


Alright, my first blog title (for this time) is out! I hope readers would enjoy my writings much more this time! Oh, and don't forget to check out Dwane's blog. Very poetic and touching... (just click the link next to the title)

1. "Zero Degrees: Prologue" -


I went to watch a movie the other day and decided to give a review on it since the storyline was quite interesting. The movie was called "Mirrors", and it's an 18SG movie (not suitable for the young...hehe). What attracted me in this 'horror + psycho' genre was the impression of mirrors it used in the story. In the movie, the main character is confronted with some sort of evil inside mirrors which wants him to find 'Esseker'. It turned out that the evil residing in the mirrors was the psychotic nature of a person named Esseker, collecting human souls by killing them through any kind of mirrors. The movie did a wonderful job in inflicting some sense of paranoia (is this a word?) towards mirrors, as the main character could not escape from mirrors wherever he goes. There are mirrors in the bathroom, in a locker, attached to cars and even puddles of water could be some kind of mirrors. If you were chased by something from the mirrors, can you really escape? Realise this, mirrors are everywhere!
(Rating: 3.5 out of 5)


Zaty said...

"I always believed that sharing all of our emotions (happy, sad, angry, depressed) with someone, means that you want them to understand and care for you"

this made me smile hugely because it's sthg that hits close to home to what i'm currently facing.

and awww your brothers sound adorrrrrable~~~ ^_^

and mirrors are almost always freaky >_<

ahmadridhwanazmi said...

dude..its 18PL actually..

n about ur bros, i think the one who is hard on them is who they love most. they feel secured u know. i've been at your place quite a few times and i can feel the strong bond between u guys.

n yes zaty, his brothers r soo manja2 with him. hafiy is always excited if ben came back home.hahaha

DANS said...

hehe..dun get to close to mirrors now Kak Zaty!

eh,it was 18PL? Haha..x perasan pula.

Zaty said...

aWWwwwWWWwwwWWWwww~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! :#)

haha, only when necessary, definitely! ;)