Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Perhaps I'll go faster..?

Meet Togepi, one of the cutest Pokemon! The gittering eyes, the naivity of its movements...I just feel like hugging it, if it was real. It's good to once in a while imagine unrealistic things to lift the mind off of stresses and pressures. Perhaps you want the power to fly, maybe you want to possess the economics of the world, or you just want to confess to the person you like! Having dreams of your own really puts a 'kick' in your life; spicing it up here, sweetening it a bit there. But don't get too caught up in your own imagination. Sometimes, it really hurts when reality starts to bite back. Hey, if that dream of yours is hard towards it. There's always a twist in every aspect of life.


Well, that's fast for a new update. I thought I could only manage once a week, but my spirit is pretty high these couple of days. There's a new segment in my fictions, so check it out (using the links below) and enjoyy readers!!

1. "Zero Degrees: One" -
2. "Shot! :: Dreamless, Colourless" -


Today, I'm giving my tributes to the teacher's all around the world. Either you're teaching English, Maths or Sciences; you guys have one goal in common: to produce an educated generation which would lead the world to peace and stability! Hoooray for teachers! A speacial tribute to the teachers of SKBBS, MJSC LENGGONG, MJSC KKB, KMPH and guys have definitely inspired me in many different ways. Thank you!


I've been in the mood of collecting interesting pictures lately (like I did once in the past) but everytime I went to the search engine, I don't know what to search for! Hoping that someone can provide me with some good links, and I thank you in advance. Oh, and I'm going to have salami for the first time tomorrow. Pray that I experience a great taste of flavour and texture. Damn I sound like a chef! Hehe..until next time. Congratulations to Chong Wei for acquiring the title of Dato'!

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