Friday, August 29, 2008

Graduation, Our Own Way

I present to you, the row of gorgeous young women of TESL (batch 7)! Another part of graduation, completed in style. Everyone looked great, everyone looked happy. I wished we would stay like this forever, but then again, future has its own way of presenting itself. For me, Graduation Day is not just about the certificates and's also about how much I realised that we have all grown up! Upon our first meeting on 2006, until the day we officially completed our studies...lots of things has happened and changed. I'd like to dedicate to everyone a huge thank you and congratulations, espeacially my beloved classmates, for making it through it in one piece! What was most important to me, is that we did it together. As friends, as a group, as TESLs, as a family. We finally completed our studies in our own way! I opened with a picture, and I seal with it again. This time, it's the charming young men of TESL (batch 7)! Enjoyy your days.

TESL people are speacial, and if you are one I hope you feel speacial too. Updates for this time folks! Remember to wash your feet at night to avoid nightmares. Enjoy these piece! (the link is next to the title)

1. "Zero Degrees: Three" -
2. "Dwane VS The Enigma" -


Need some chill in your spine? Or just looking for interesting information on occults? Today, I'll review a spooky book entitled "Missing: Spirited Away" by Gakuto Coda which I find it a very interesting read. This novel is a unique novel, where the mystery of the story really gets deeper and deeper along the end, making you want to know more and more. A rough synopsis: there was a group of 5 friends in a high school club, each having different personality and traits. One of them, Kyoichi Utsume, has a mysterious ability connected with the 'other' world. To make it short, one day Kyoichi vanished! Their friends then desperately went on a lookout for him, trying separate methods. Mystical and scientifical. I won't go on further, but I would recommend it if you're into occults and ghosts. It's quite popular in Japan, there's even a manga on it! Well, right now I'm reading the second book "Missing: Letters of Misfortune", and I think it's really good. Take care~ (Ratings: 4.4 out of 5)



Anonymous said...

i miss you already. heeee.

DANS said...

Ya2..miss u too. Ahaks! Still got plenty o' tyme.. =)

ahmadridhwanazmi said...

lets review more books!..hoho