Saturday, August 30, 2008

Your say in Independence!

In line with Malaysia's 51st-year of independence, let us all Malaysians shout "Merdeka, Merdeka!" in our hearts aloud! Let me remind you not to just say the chant without really understanding what independence means, now and then. Along the lifeline of myself, I've enjoyed Independence Day in numerous ways. The most exciting was probably during Form 3, where the students at my school had to paint the national flag on pieces of cloth. The class with the longest flag wins. What was interesting was how some of the students from different classes were very clever to make some sort of alliance among themselves, combining their cloth with the others. In the end, all classes began to combine. That day we produced a REALLY long flag, hand in hand, making us all winners! That's why until today, I believe unity is the core of any type of independence. (*wink*) This year's Independence Day, I'd like to dedicate my best regards to the young people of the nation! My cousin here, Siti Syafiqah, is a really sweet and intelligent little girl. With proper attention and teachings, many children like her would continue to make our country's independence strive and preserve its true meanings forever! ----> (What's your say in independence? Come, write about your thoughts in the commentary collumn. Speech, thoughts, dedications...anything related to Malaysia's Independence Day is welcome! No new updates this time, and Happy Independence Day!)

This tribute is dedicated to everyone who did their best to achieve and preserve the nation's independence! The spirits will burn on. A speacial tribute to Malaysians today, keep up the good work and achieve for the best. Good luck everyone!

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Kikuri-hime said...

It seems that lately, due to the political upheaval, Malaysians seem to be less patriotic. Well, sad to say, including me... It's really good to know that you still have that spirit. Keep it up!