Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thus it begins,yet again!

Welcome all to yet again to another part of DANS writing production. This is my 3rd time setting up a 'blog plan' (since lotsa problems occured before this that stopped me in my tracks) so I hope this time my blogs will live on (updated frequently) as long as I live! Wuhuu...let the bloggings begin! Take care and enjoy readers...


As an introduction to all readers, espeacially if you're new with me and my writings, my name is Daniel Azere (with DANS as a pen-name), and my writings usually consists of the fictional/fantasy genre. This time, I will put on reviews and comments on loads of things on this page (with updates of my writings) while I'll separate my fictional stories on a separate blog. Links will always be updated on this page, so in order to make it easy for everyone, just come to this address ( to take a look at what's new and updated.

There are still things that I need to do, so my artwork will be for online viewing by 19th August. Don't miss it!!


Attention to all TESL batch 7 students, do please go to this link;

Thank you! Hehe...


Awww...Malaysia's archery squad is in a pinch. The results of the singles yesterday was quite dissapointing, which two of our national contestans lost by only a one-point difference! Huhu...tough luck guys, you did your best! Oh, and congrats to Chong Wei (badminton) for making it to the semi-finals! :)


seyra. xo. said...

hello benben :)

DANS said...

ohhh..hello..haha, hope u'll become an avid reader of mine!
See Dwane's blog is on da side..

shindo said...

heyya dude!Glad u finally started it again...I will be looking forward to reading what u have unearthed from that ingenious mind of urs!=)
P.S..happy to know that u got ur streamyx alredy..hrmm...GG??;P

Gor said...

hello ben2 :)

I'm sorry 4 not able 2 answer properly on ur last call..