Friday, September 26, 2008

Art of Cooking: Don't Hesitate to Experiment

“Why don’t the potatoes soften after I cooked it for a while? The onions are getting burned!” That’s what ran in my head as I attempted a chicken dish for the first time. I still lack the moves and knowledge, but cooking is exciting! I always have myself imagining what dish I’d create once I go to university before I go to bed. Potatoes, beef, fish…all these ingredients seem to flow inside my mind every night with me cooking it in different styles. My mouth would water, and I’d get hungry.

To think that cooking would actually stimulate my imagination and not just my appetite. Once after I had finished cooking breakfast, loads of ideas come into my head for my writings. To see the different ingredients mixed together to create a delicious dish also gives me an insight that arts (I mean any type of arts) are basically the same. It requires the ‘ingredients’, passion, hard work and most importantly; experimentation. It’s not always good things that come out on your first try. Experimenting different ways and ‘ingredients’ are essential in getting a work of art that satisfies you and also others.

What’s great about cooking is that anyone can do it and it’s much easier for others to indulge in your work of art. Not everyone adores reading, but all humans must eat right? So come on, let’s try some cooking! It’s worth the try. I’d recommend watching ‘Chef at Home’, a good cook show for most beginners. Well then, enjoy!! Just make sure don’t serve anything burnt!

It's been a while since I experimented with my writings. Recently it suddenly hit me hard that i can't really write factual things. So I guess it's time to pick up that pen and start to practice. Factual writings would really help me in getting assignments done, right? Enjoyy these updates for today!

1. "Zero Degrees: Nine" -
2. "#01: Presenting The Detective" -

The month is going by rather quickly, meaning the season of food is coming to an end!! Featured today on this site is: my mother! That's right. When I think about food, my mom would pop up as one of the best cooks I could ever think off. If I were to express how her cookings are like, they are: rich, expressive, and simple at times. What catches my attention in my mom's art of cooking is that no matter how she thows in her ingredients, it would eventually turn out right in the end. For example; she once substituted 'bread crumbs' with 'wholemeal biscuits' (since we had no crumbs at the time) to make Pegedil! I never thought that would work.

The most important thing that can be learned from my mother's excellent cooking skills is to practice, practice and practice! She got that good because she has been 'drilled' by her grandmother ever since primary school. Talk about cooking for almost all of your life! =P


Anonymous said...

lapar laaaaa! hahaha

Kikuri-sen said...

Love cooking! It's my second nature, taw! Chewwwah!!! :P

Pegedil or bergedil???

DANS said...

To Tasha... blog this month saje je menguji kesabaran anda sumer.

To kikuri...
Hmm..I'm not entirly sure. My fren said it can be either way. Hehe..I like cooking too btw!

damha said...

i cooked after quitting for like a year..haha..last night i cook some sardine in can and sambal sis cooked kacang panjang and daging kicap..simple yet appetizing..nyum2

fairuzsallehuddin said...

semua yang mempunyai title mak, mmg hebat kan..
they are damn creative!
u make me miss my mom.
walaupun dekat tp rindu bangat.