Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mathematics Presto!

Ah, the magic of maths. I was eating sahur one day and 'Numb3rs' was playing on AXN. The idea of using maths to solve crimes is quite cool. No complex machines like in the CSI are in use, just a blackboard and a few chalks would do the trick. Every time I watch the series, I'm always fascinated by mathematics. But then again, why do I always try to run away from this subject?

I know. Math is used everyday, in any occasion. My mum once dared me to name an activity not involving numbers, resulting in me unable to find it. Time, money, weight, height; all of this things are related to maths and to our everyday doings. Put solving crimes aside, I think that's the real magic in maths. It's everywhere, everytime! How cool can a subject be?

From the kitchen to the sports field, there's maths involved at any place. No wonder I couldn't get away from it no matter how hard I try. Well, time to accept the fact and move on Try and enjoy maths, and enjoy life!

There's maths in writing too! From the number of words to the length of paragraphs, it's inevitable even in pursuing my dreams. Haha, not that I'm complaining. Here's an update for the day, maybe I'll add in a few titles by tomorrow. Look out! (link next to title)

1. "Shot! :: Abandoned, The Inside Story" -
2. "Dwane VS The Enigma: #5" -

A tribute today to those magical moments of learning! Without learning, we won't become what we are today. There were times of boredom, and there were times of excitement and adventures. Congratulations for making it thus far, and the journey of learning goes on. A speacial tribute to those sessions where it made me realise my passion to write. Thank you!


damha said...

i know one..swimming!

err..but then u still hv the tendencies to count ur stroke..or how far do u swim..

Kikuri-sen said...

To put it simply.... I hate Maths because I have a traumatic experience with my darjah 2 maths teacher. She slapped me in front of the class, just because I tersilap hatar buku.

DANS said...

To damha...
Yeah, there's still numbers involved. It'll take forever to figure it out! Haha..

To kikuri-sen...
Wow, that's harsh. I think just a normal scolding would do...huhu, guess those were the days huh?