Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's Tastier When...

Still on the issue of food, I want to voice out what I think is the most important in making food taste better. It's not the ingredients, and it's not the surrounding. Food are much tastier when eaten together! That's right, it feels so good eating something with a company. Whether you're out for dinner, or indulging some sweet ice-cream...the taste and appetite really comes out when you're eating them with your family or friends. I'm not saying something totally random here. I've come to realise that I can't finish my favourite Chachos whenever I eat alone. I know I can just finish a bag of those chips by myself, but I can never bring myself to do it. It really is 'tasteless' when I'm not sharing it with someone.

Aha, I guess I'm being emotional over this 'eating together' issue since I just remembered how I made friends with new people upon entering MRSM for the first time by just having a meal together. During my early stay in the boarding school, I always end up eating by myself at a far corner of the dining hall. Food tasted bleak, and I always had no appetite. One day, someone suddenly came and had lunch together with me. At that time, we became friends and food had been better than ever. And that guy, he became one of my best friend soon after. Well, that's another story to tell then.

Eat well, eat plenty, and eat together! Want some unfinished chips? Hehe, enjoy your days readers. No new updates for today, take care!!!

A tribute today to all Malaysia's television dramas and movies! You have sparked some sense of imagination within my writer's mind, in a more Malaysian way. I've always been too interested with Western and Japanese stories, so thank you for making me realise that Malaysian stories are also unique in its own simple manner. A speacial tribute to dramas/movies having Eja as their actress. I'm a big fan of her since primary school! (haven't watched 'Sepi' yet, so sad...)

On the way back home from Klang today, the radio was playing Scorpion's 'Winds of Change'. I listened intently, and pondered for a moment out the wet road. As you grow up, it's harder to change your habit espeacially those 'bad' habits. Thus today, I decided to remind all readers and myself to change these 'bad' habits still residing within our hearts. Everyday is a day for a change. Wheteher the winds of change are raging or calm, always remember that we're still humans! Is the price of oil going down? Now that's a change I think everybody hopes for!


ahmadridhwanazmi said...

u know what they say bout people who prefer nachos then potato chips?..they're perfectionist..that makes the two of

DANS said...

Haha..really? Lol, I guess in a way though...I like to arrange my books and computer datas!

Zaty said...

sharing definitely makes things better... tapi risau x cukup la. haha :P

(ok now i nk mkn icecream, ben its your fault!! ;P) hehe~

as for chnages,

"dont be afraid of moving slowly, be afraid of only standing still" -unknown?


DANS said...

Hehe..I pon dh lama tak makan ice cream! Wawawa...

Zaty said...

lol a couple of wks ago i was feeling miserable emotionally and physically, so i ate a (cookies&cream) ice cream for at least 3 days straight, siap mkn ice cream dlm big tub lagi! haha, i dont think that was a very helpful idea to uplift my spirits but it wasn't so bad either la, lol. ^_^

go get one ben~ xde org jual ice cream arnd yr neighborhood ke? :)

wanee said...

makan together memang lebeh tasty! the company makes u disregard the tasteless food! note:DS