Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Warning: Beware of Evil

Seriously dear readers, do take care of yourselves wherever you go. Criminals nowadays are real psychos, and they've got a new style too. Now, they attack without warning. I've got this sudden chill in the spine when I heard my parents talking about a car theft that had just occured somewhere in Malaysia. To put it simply, the victim that had its car stolen is now in a coma since its head was shot. Scary! My parents were really concerned, saying that criminals nowadays don't ask much question in getting the job done. Erase, and get what you want. It's that simple for them.

This issue always gets my stomach churning. My family members, friends and readers are all out there across the world. I just can't stop worrying since you never know what will pop up. Right now, I only pray intently that all whom I care for are safe from harm. Insyaallah...again, this is a warning post. Do become extra careful. Crimes will pay, one day. Take care!

Evil lurks since there are motives within the human heart. Then does pure evil exist within them? New updates for this time folks! Sorry for a late update, been a bit off the hook. Ah, it's raining! Well then, enjoyyy..!! (link next to title)

1. "Dwane VS The Enigma: #3" - http://dansoriginal.blogspot.com/
2. "Shot :: Cloudy, Cloudy Indolence" - http://dansoriginal.blogspot.com/

Since I'm a manga freak, it'd be weird if I don't have any manga review in this page. Getting my review today is a manga by Kazuki Takahashi; 'Yu-Gi-Oh!'. That's right. This popular manga is the basis of the famous Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card games that once took Malaysia by storm. Having a unique title, many would wonder what the story is about. This manga is actually a story about a boy named Yugi, who manages to complete the Millenium Puzzle and gets possesed by a pharaoh spirit. Now Yugi has a double personality; one the weak and hesitant original, the other a proud and confident pharaoh.

Thus begins their adventures, with two souls sharing one body. Takahashi-sensei had put an interesting theme in this manga, which is the theme of 'games'. Each obstacles faced by Yugi in the story are in game form, where Yugi and his companions need to play games for their safety and for their lives. The most notable game is the card game (which had been made popular), and this had been the main core throughout the manga.

One other thing is the Millenium Artifacts. Remember the Millenium Puzzle? This is just one of the seven Egyptian artifacts that has magical powers. Others who possess this artifacts might have speacial powers, and some are evil. These villains are quite powerful, and play games by the 'Dark Rules'. Well, at least they play by the rules. Not like our criminals in reality! All in all, the manga is quite fun to the end. Maybe the card games could get draggy, but it's packed with emotions and strategy! (Rating: 3.9 out of 5)


hani said...

yup ben, i agree wth u.
mcm2 org skrang,,,maybe they just get da ideas frm movies yg ganas2 skrang

DANS said...

Haha..I guess that's one of the reasons. Cpat sgt terpengaruh. I hope the whole lot of criminals would realise that what they're doing is wrong.

..so careful aa? :)