Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ramadhan: Final 10 Days Where the Gates of Hell are Closed

The days are progressing on quite fast, and Ramadhan has only 10 days left. It's quite sad knowing that the most blessed month is leaving us Muslims yet once again. Well, lets just make the best of it while its still there. Hek!

Finally, I managed to begin 'TESL: Dissapear' after waiting for such a long time. Ever since 'TESL: Battle Royal' went to a sudden halt, my mind had been eagerly excited to start over a TESL production from scratch (this time without Dzaf in it, so sad!). Anyway, the series is up and running for public view. This time the element of mystery is put into main focus, but do expect an equal level of action and paranoia as well! It's a bit dissapointing that Ican't collect the data I wanted for the story, I guess I would have to do with just what I have now. So, please show your support readers!

I'll take a long break from adding new titles from now on. Maybe after I finish the first season of 'Zero Degrees' I'll spice up my work with something new. Until then, take care! To all muslims, grab the chance of Lailatul Qadar this last 10 days alright?

Fuhhh...finally the new titles are out. I guess I am easily excited about starting new things, but I won't let the old things be abandonned. So as usual, the link are next to the titles okay? Enjoyyy!! (too busy to add other sections, maybe next post?)

1. "Once Upon A Cherry Tree (Pt.1 of Ch.1)" -
2. "#00: A Stir Upon A Strange Night" -

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