Thursday, September 4, 2008

Introducing, Eccentric Foods!

In a way, cooking is a form of art as well. The 'artists' that are widely known as chefs, battle it out everyday to come out with an original and interesting 'masterpiece' (which is their food). I just came to realise, that in a modern day like this; it's no surprise if you stumble into some unique taste and sight in food. In a personal view, I believe it's very sporty of chefs to come up with such things. But do I really want to eat such food? Here's a list of some of the eccentric foods I've come across with!

1. Ayam Masak Hijau - Really, it's totally green! The colour is quite vibrant in a way, and perhaps it's another form of 'rendang' made with peas as one of the main ingredients. I never really like exessive vegetables in a chicken dish. It looks tasty though.
2. Coca-Cola Cake - Now here's a weirdo. Who ever thought of making a cake out of a carbonated drink? I love Coke, but I don't think I'd want to indulge in a Coke Cake. It must be REALLY sweet!
3. Kek Gulung Pisang Berkeju - No rules applied in making food everyone! I have this set of mind that fruits can never really go well with cheese, but I guess some taste buds can handle it. Banana with cheese anyone?
4. Squid Ink Curry - What else can I say? It's also known as black curry, and I think it's widely accepted in Japan!

There you have it. All of them are very amusing to hear and see, but I won't eat them. Maybe I'm not as adventurous when it comes to food. Maybe in the future, we'll be hearing of Ayam Masak Biru made from blueberries!


Don't start to lose your appetite readers. Eccentric foods are just the many ways cooks experiment and have fun! Enjoy this singular update for this time. (link next to title)

1. "Zero Degrees: Five" -


Featuring in this segment, my nostalgic memories on LEGOs! LEGOs are one of the two types of toys I onced had in the past. Playing with these multi-shaped cubes was really fun at that time; I learned to build houses and I learned to arrange shapes. Now, when I look at LEGOs and how they have expanded...I was quite impressed. Many different versions of this toy can be found at toy stores; ranging from Star Wars to Bionicles. I rarely even see the basic version I had once when I was small. All in all, it is a fun and creative product. It evokes creativity and imagination in a child, so don't hesitate to get one for your kid! Just be careful of choking though, for those younger than four. (Even grownups play with LEGOs too! Here's a picture taken by Balakov using LEGO pieces, and all of his LEGO artworks can be viewed here.)


Kikuri-hime said...

Eweee! Especially the black curry! I bet it tastes good but the color is certainly a turn off. I hv a friend who likes peanut butter-tuna sandwich! Gross!

Rasyiqah Khairul Anuar said...

talking about eccentric food, i was browsing through the recipes on and ada ayam masak coca cola!! haha.

DANS said...

To hime...
Yeah, that is quite 'icky'. Well, everyone has different taste buds...I haven't got into exotic foods yet. Those should definitely be gross to think about!

To Kak Iqa...
Really?? Now that's much weirder than Coca Cola Cake! ahaha...perhaps humans have ran out on ideas for ingredients? =P

ahmadridhwanazmi said...

wuahaha..i would like to taste the coke cake n the ayam masak coca cola..nyami2