Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Writer's Dilemma

It's been almost a month since I opened up this blog, and I'd like to thank you all for reading up until today. Having readers is the most important fuel for me to proceed in this dream, but there's another thing I need to get past first. One of a writer's dilemma, the horror of tenacity. Most of you are probably unaware, but like I said in the first post here...this is my third time setting up a blog in pursuing my writer dreams. I've stopped halfway twice already!

I guess all artists go through this phase. You get excited in starting, and when your halfway through it you come to a halt for various reasons. Getting unmotivated, being too lazy, the sudden lack of facilities, feeling at a lost of kick regularly; and the list goes on. Believe me, I've been through most of this stuff. And I'm quite terrified to say that I'm almost on the verge of succumbing to this phase yet again, since I've been really late on updating. It really is frustrating when you can't keep up with the deadline you yourself set. Haizzz...

But I don't plan on giving up yet. As long as there's still one reader out there, I'll do my best to continue to write even if it kills me (total exaggeration, but I need it). Yeah, this is my new principle as of today. Get ready 'writing world', here I come!! To all of those who are feeling the same, don't fall for it just yet. If you need the support,I'll gladly try and help. Untill then, take care readers!! Hehe.. =)

Well, I am really spirited, but there's only one update for today (and after solong too). Haha, I'll be more careful with keeping up next time. Oh, and below are also a few links to my previous blogs if you were wondering. Don't bother commenting there, it's been abandoned (so sad!). Just realise it's kind of a waste to stop halfway. I already noticed it myself. Enjoyyy..!!

1. "Zero Degrees: Eight" -


ahmadridhwanazmi said...

haha..gud boy..u really did write on this matter..totally man..i feel demotivated on photography just because i know its going to be long for me to get an slr..but i keep on going in the name of fans..huahua..poyo

Anonymous said...

ganbatte!!! rooting for your writing spirit!

live it up!!! =3

DANS said...

To Ahmad..
Haha..yeah, gotto keep it up for the fans.! I guess it's okay to 'feel' demotivated in while, it helps u learn...but make sure to get back up as soon as possible!!

To ayjayiqa..
Arigatou! Though I'm not really sure who you are...huahua..