Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ramadhan: Next 10 Days with Forgiveness

Seeking forgiveness from a human, is something not 100% certain. Every human is different to one another, having different musings and dislikes. Everyone can't possibly be happy with everyone. Perhaps that's just what life is. I for one, really despise people looking down on other people's dreams even for the tiniest bit (even if it is a joke!). But I understand. Not everybody is perfect. They don't mean it, I know.

It can't be helped. We are humans and humans make mistakes. Sometimes, we don't even realise that we are making a mistake. We tend to do what the heart tells us, follow our instincts. But we're not even sure if that thing was the right thing to do. Some 'steps' we've taken, might not be able to be seen anymore; to be mended, to be made back into the way it was supposed to be.

Haha...sorry for yet another random rambling here. I'm not sure if it makes any sense! Since the next 10 days of Ramadhan is filled with His forgiveness, I thought I'd bring up this issue of 'mistakes/forgiveness'. Seriously though, some things are just meant to happen even if you try so hard avoiding it. Forgive a mistake today, and someone might just already forgive you back. The world revolves happily when everyone works together. Seek forgiveness, give forgiveness. Think positive! Congratulations to all Muslim readers for making it thus far throughout the fasting month. Aminnn..!

I've made so many mistakes to so many people, and I'd like to take this oppurtunity to ask for all humans out there for their forgiveness. Sincerely from my heart, "I'm sorry!" Updates for this time is up and running. I was thinking of adding one or two new titles by the 21st, and I'd like for the readers opinions. Please? =) [link next to title]

1. "Zero Degrees: Six" -

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Kikuri-hime said...

Eh... why don't u write a novel? I think you have what it takes to be a writer...

DANS said...

Hehe..I have some novel progressions..tpi I have the tendency to get 'malas' at times.

But I am trying my best! Thank you...! =)

wanee said...

ive spelled it rite dah!! sorry! :)